Einstein, the Aether & Variable Rest Mass :: By: Jack Heighway
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The author is a 1952 graduate of Miami University (Ohio). After a three year stint in the Navy, he continued his studies, receiving a master’s in math from Kent State in 1957. He was recruited by NACA and went on to enjoy a long career (1958-1994) with NASA’s Lewis

Research Center in Cleveland. Although he has no degree in physics, virtually all of his work at Lewis was in that field. He was also fortunate to do graduate work with Leslie Foldy of Case and with JW Weinberg (McCarthy’s scientist ‘X’) of Western Reserve. In addition, he was privileged to be associated with William G Harter, who gave a remarkable series of lectures on Group Theory each summer from 1964 to 1971. But he claims that the best of his education was received from persons never met, especially Lev Landau and Richard Feynman. He has been retired since 1994 and is enjoying life with friends in Naples, Florida.


ISBN 978-1-61658-620-1


In writing this book I have had two purposes in mind. The first is to remove most of the mystery which has long permeated the subject of special relativity by providing a basis upon which the intelligent reader may achieve a real understanding. The second is to prove that the correct interpretation of Einstein’s theory of gravitation must comprehend variable rest masses.



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